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The Advantages of Conveyor Belts in the Bottling Industry

filamatic conveyor belts

Adding conveyor belts to your bottling production line can increase production speed.

Facilities that produce beverages, liquid food products, cosmetics, personal hygiene, and pharmaceutical goods can all benefit from conveyor belts for their bottles. This technology is essential for an efficient liquid-filling production line and helps your business stay competitive within your industry. If you want to increase your production speed, reduce product damage, and enhance health and safety, find your best system at Filamatic, complete with a conveyor belt.

Increase Speed and Productivity

The primary reason to invest in bottle conveyor belts is to speed up production. A company can move units much faster when relying on conveyors rather than manual transportation from station to station. Bottle conveyors can reduce your labor costs and free up your employees to focus on quality control. Because these machines don’t tire out, they can also reduce your expenses for overtime.

Reduced Product Damage

Bottle conveyors can save you even more money by reducing the number of bottles potentially damaged during manual handling, especially if you are dealing with glass bottles. With fewer bottles breaking, employees will waste less time cleaning up the mess. There is also a reduced risk of contamination and rejection of whole batches due to mishandling. Conveyor belts can also help you maintain quality control because your staff can examine items along the belt and reject any damaged or faulty items.

Improved Health and Safety

Conveyor belts also help keep your employees safe and free from risks. Your workers will no longer have to carry heavy products from place to place or risk tripping or falling over these products. Conveyor belts also lower the strain that results from constant heavy lifting, and employees are less likely to be cut or injured by broken glass.

Easy to Clean

Your bottle conveyors are easy to clean and sterilize, especially when constructed from stainless steel. When the belts are easy to clean, you reduce the risk of contamination and rejected products.

Customize To Existing Lines

Conveyor belt systems are versatile and can easily be integrated into your filling systems. You can work with the liquid packaging experts at Filamatic to create a production line and conveyor system that works with your machinery and production needs.

Specialists in Liquid Filling Systems

For over 70 years, FILAMATIC has provided a wide range of liquid filling machines to the packaging market. We create flexible, customized solutions for every stage of your business growth. Whether you require a single machine, a complete turnkey fill-cap-label solution, or a fully automated, integrated Monobloc system, we have the liquid filling experience for your project.

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