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Customer Service

Delivering a high-quality product is just one component in building a long term relationship. FILAMATIC endeavors to provide you a personalized service and support that is world-class.

Precise, Detailed and Thorough

FILAMATIC offers a number of service options that add value before a single bottle, pouch or bag is even filled. The selection and subsequent design and manufacture of a machine or system can be a complex process. FILAMATIC can make the process simple – whether it is assessing your current machine, preparing your site, ramping up production, or training – we can offer you and your team assistance.

customer service

Equipment Assessment

Have an Equipment Assessment conducted by an experienced Service Engineer during a visit to your site. The Service Engineer will assess performance versus specification via comprehensive inspection and performance report. This can also remove risk associated with second-user equipment purchases.

Program features and benefits:

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of liquid filling and closing process is measured against specification.
  • Site visit from a FILAMATIC Service Engineer assessing equipment, whether new or a second-user equipment purchase.
  • Written report clearly presents assessment findings: identifying performance and specification gaps, upgrade path, or a recommended list of parts.

Site Preparation

Often, equipment is not being installed in a new facility with new process equipment. Our experts can configure your line for maximum productivity within your existing footprint. Prior to installation, our site preparation survey identifies and helps to remove fundamental barriers to installation and ramp-up.

Program features and benefits:

  • Evaluation of site prior to installation.
  • Support of relocating existing equipment into another place.
  • Evaluation of processing systems in support of filling and closing systems.
  • Dismantling of machines for transportation.
  • Reassembling, start-up and re-commissioning.

Equipment Commissioning

Filamatic can offer commissioning services for new and pre-owned Filamatic equipment within certain support windows allowing you to bring a new or a pre-owned piece of equipment into production.
Commissioning includes one or more Filamatic Service Engineers or engineers working cooperatively with the customer to bring a system into production.

Installation and Start-Up

Reduce the learning curve, build confidence, minimize impact of high turnover, and implement advanced capabilities. Service includes additional training, product setups, changeover training and ramp-up support.

Program features and benefits:

  • Onsite support for installation and start-up.
  • Customized onsite training and programming support.

For more information on customized service options for your specific applications, please email or call 866.258.1914.