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University Labs and Research Centers

Affordable, Reliable and Easy-to-Use

lab filling

FILAMATIC is a trusted partner in University Labs and Research Centers across the globe. No matter your institutions’ filling needs, our liquid filling machines will deliver an unparalleled performance that is affordable, reliable and easy-to-use – fill after fill.

FILAMATIC takes pride that we can provide specific requirements for your application:

  • Preserving sample quality
  • No or limited contact
  • No/low forces, which won’t degrade liquid samples
  • Precision filling
  • Accuracy and repeatedly of fill volumes

At FILAMATIC, we simply do not design and build liquid filling machines, we create professional and academic relationships that last for years. No matter your level of equipment, we will be a true and trusted partner for years to come. We understand the challenges of results-oriented programs with the higher education sector, so we are invigorated at the thought of helping you and your team propel research forward for a new generation.

Flexible and Functional Research Use

An overlapping focus on functionality, flexibility, and superior features within a compact footprint allows FILAMATIC to help you fill a wider range of containers and commodities. Our liquid filling machines deliver accuracy and reliability that is unmatched and required in most University filling environments.

FILAMATIC filling machines are;

  • Easy to use for the operator and technician
  • Easy to take apart and clean for operators and technicians
  • Low lifetime ownership cost (compared to the competition)
  • Simple maintenance procedures
  • Spare parts and accessories readily available when needed. Just call FILAMATIC customer service

USA Made and FDA Approved

lab fillingOur machines are 100% USA made at our facility in Baltimore, Maryland. We use only FDA approved product contact parts, components, and our accessories are certified. We can also provide explosion resistant (XP) filling machines upon special request.

With over 70 years of experience in the liquid packaging industry, FILAMATIC has you covered. For more information on our University and Research Center filling capabilities, please call 866.258.1914 or email

Examples of University & Research Center Containers


A few of our University & Research Center Partners

Stay tuned – this is a new section that will highlight past, present and new partners.


For more information on liquid filling, capping and labeling solutions, please email or call 866.258.1914.