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Hazardous Filling Solutions

  • Up to 300 bottles per minute
  • Accuracy down to +/-0.5%
  • Suitable for ALL viscosities
  • Fills round, square and other shaped bottles
  • Quick and easy changeover
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FILAMATIC has built customized equipment solutions for a multitude of hazardous environments and products. For these environments & products, we can offer you everything from handheld, semi-automatic machines, intermediate automatic full line solutions, to our fully automated, integrated systems for these applications. Our solutions range from pneumatically operated to high speed, electrically operated systems that are rated and approved for your hazardous production requirements.

The choice on the type of solution depends greatly upon the interpretation of the various insurance, national, and local regulatory agencies as well as applicable standards in the National Electrical Code.


  • Liquids: water-thin to semi-viscous products
  • Examples: inorganic or organic solvents, cleaning solutions, flammable petroleum products, high proof ethanol, liquors, fragrances, solvent-based paints

For more information on our hazardous equipment solutions, please email or call 866.258.1914.

(H) Benchtop Machines

  • From .05ml to 260ml
  • Suitable for most viscosities
  • Compact design, stainless steel build
  • Air operated unit

(H) Inline Filling Machines

  • Up to 7,200 bottles per hour
  • Air/Electricity operated systems
  • Suitable for ALL viscosities
  • Accuracy down to +/-0.5%

(H) DFS Non-Dockable Machines

  • Intermittent or continuous motion systems
  • Suitable for most viscosities
  • Compact design, stainless steel build
  • Electrically operated system
  • Accuracy down to +/-0.5%

(H) Monobloc Machines

  • Multiple fill/finish capabilities
  • Up to 6,000 bottles per hour
  • Electrically operated system
  • Remote access enclosures