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Filamatic’s Fragrance Filling Machine

Filamatic’s Digifil Model DFS-X is an automatic fragrance filling system that has explosion resistant capabilities which are necessary when filling various types of fragrances.  This automatic model has two capabilities which include a bottom-up filling technique that minimizes splashing and foaming of fragrances during the filling process and a liquid draw-off technique where the leveling nozzles enter into the containers to a point just inside the neck and remove some of the liquid to ensure that the product remains level and not uneven. These techniques are ideal for fragrance containers that are not perfectly symmetrical. For those containers that are not perfectly symmetrical, pucks can be provided to ensure that the containers do not move during the filling process and that the nozzles provide an accurate fill.

During the filling process, containers are carried through the filling area by the continuous-motion feed screw indexing mechanism. The liquid filling nozzles are mounted on a walking beam assembly that tracks the movement of the containers through the filling area. During the filling process, the nozzles drop into the containers to a point roughly ½” above the bottom and rise in unison with the level of the liquid during the filling cycle.  This is the bottom-up filling technique that was described earlier. Once the nozzles have been withdrawn and the filling process is complete, the indexing mechanism releases the containers to travel to the next process if the containers are being capped.

The DFS Digifil fragrance filling system, which has an accuracy of +/- .5%, has Dockable and Non-Dockable options that are available, where the Dockable option provides you with a removable trolley that will allow quick and clean changeovers in as little as five minutes. Three frame sizes are available to handle as many as 12 Piston Pumps for fill rates of 10 to 120 containers per minute.



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