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Docking/Non-Docking Solutions


FILAMATIC’s DFS systems (Dockable and Non-Dockable lines) can accommodate a wide range of products. Groundbreaking in changeover times, the DFS solution is equipped with a removable trolley system that makes long changeover times a thing of the past. These flexible and time-saving systems can also address a variety of compliance and specific industry requirement issues: clean-in-place (CIP), hazardous environments, hot filling applications as well as incorporating a range of pump systems (piston, peristaltic, lobe, flow meter and gear pumps). Depending on your metering/pump system, the DFS system can accommodate between 6 – 15 pumps. The takeaway is, if you are looking for an incredibly flexible system that can fill a large number of containers, ease and speed of changeovers, and has the ability to use a wide-range of metering systems, the FILAMATIC DFS System may be a good option for your application.

FILAMATIC - Intermediate Inline Systems - 20-21 Family Brochure