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Filamatic to Demonstrate Multi-Function Filling System at Pack Expo 2013

Filamatic, a division of National Instrument, LLC will be exhibiting at the Pack Expo show, September 23rd-25th, 2013 located at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.  The company will be showcasing a variety of liquid packaging machines, both automatic (integrated) and semi-automatic solutions, in booth C-1423. Attendees are encouraged to bring any projects/applications to the booth.

Filamatic’s booth will be showcasing its Monobloc Multi-Function Packaging System. The Filamatic automatic liquid filler is a non-explosion resistant, electrically/air-operated packaging system that is designed to fill between 6ml and 30ml containers at production rates of 50 containers/minute. This filler utilizes new in-process Check Weigh technology which allows each container to be tare weighed, filled, gross weighed, and capped. Features also include real-time onscreen reporting as well as automatic data collection where the weight is recorded as well as a 100% verification system that tracks/rejects any container with a fill weight outside the pre-programmed range.

Filamatic will also be displaying an Eco-Filler Synchromat machine. With its ability to fill free-flowing to viscous products, this filling machine has a fill accuracy of ±0.5% or better and a fill rate of up to 34cpm with 2 filling heads and up to 100cpm with 10 filling heads.

The semi-automatic AdaptaFil™ Benchtop will also be on display with a peristaltic pump. The AdaptaFil™ Benchtop’s technology features four easy-changeover metering systems (piston, peristaltic, gear, and lobe), electronic networking capabilities, and sophisticated, user-friendly controls all in a small and sleek stainless steel package.

Filamatic engineers, sales team, and management will be present to discuss current and potential projects.

About Filamatic

Filamatic has been servicing the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, cosmetic, specialty chemical, personal care, contract packaging and food/beverage industries for 60 years.  Each unit is specifically manufactured to provide increased throughput and faster changeover while reducing downtime and increasing overall equipment effectiveness.  For more information visit their website at or visit Filamatic at Booth C-1423.  It is also encouraged to make a booth appointment before the show by calling 410.951.2006 to guarantee the right people are available.


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