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Synchromat Filling Machine

  • Fill accuracy of ±/- 1% or better
  • Horizontal bottle centering system
  • Programmable controller
  • Scalable filling stations
  • Fallen bottle sensor at infeed
  • Dispenses free flowing to high viscosity liquids
  • Design allows you to expand from 2 to 20 nozzles as production demands increase
  • Optional multi-stroke system extends range beyond one Liter
SKU: 16


The FILAMATIC Synchromat in-line filling system provides automated, high-speed liquid filling and integrated handling for small to large-sized containers, all within a heavy-duty stainless-steel frame. Consisting of automated, diving nozzles with optional bottom-up servomotor driven dispensing, multiple indexing technologies to suit varying container profiles, an integrated, 8’ (or longer) conveyor and a highly- expandable pump drive system, this turnkey filling system is able to grow with the demand for your product. With the expandable drive-bar assembly, the Synchromat is capable of single-stroke filling of containers up to 1100 mL (37 oz) in size. At optimal conditions, total output rates as high as 200 bottles per minute are possible, with pump quantities expandable to drive upwards of 20 simultaneous filling stations. Thanks to the scalable nature of the drive system, a unit that begins with two pump stations could one day be retrofitted to run upwards of ten or even 20 stations. A multi-stroke operation mode makes filling possible for even larger container sizes without additional operator intervention thanks to the programmable on-board controller.

For maximum user-friendliness, a digital HMI touchscreen provides easy access to all functions for troubleshooting, maintenance, and observation. A range of piston-cylinder pump configurations and sizes allow for accurate, repeatable filling across a variety of product types. Multiple nozzle designs to select from assure minimal dripping, stringing, or foaming during the dispensing process, while maximizing your overall product output. Optional upstream container unloading or unscrambling turntables and downstream container accumulation turntables minimize the need to deploy constant operators on the upstream and downstream side, in all but the fastest production rates.

For additional peace-of-mind, all engineering design and production teams are located at our manufacturing facility in Baltimore, Maryland, in operation since 1968; assuring a high-quality and high-value, made in the USA product that will last for decades with proper maintenance.

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