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Monobloc – Fill/Finish System

  • Highly flexible
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Quick and easy tool-less changeover
  • Handles dropper tips and eye droppers
  • Servo cap torqueing with feedback
SKU: 21


FILAMATIC’s® popular Monobloc series is a single index system capable of performing a wide range of tasks such as: sorting, feeding, nitrogen flushing, filling, plugging, stopping, crimping, capping, labeling, and accumulating. Additional processes, e.g. induction sealing, tamper-evident banding, etc. can be easily coupled with the Monobloc series. Our Monoblocs can accommodate everything from microliters to 500ml containers and offers an output up to 60 containers per minute. The Monobloc serves a variety of industries but is ideal for the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Biotech, Animal Health & Cosmetic industries because it is engineered to perform multiple tasks within a compact footprint. Common containers that are supported by Filamatic Monoblocs include vials, cryovials, microtubes, different types of nasal spray containers, airless pumps, Boston round glass and plastic containers.

The Monobloc series can be equipped to support a variety of servo driven meter systems including piston pumps, peristaltic, and rotary piston pumps allowing you to handle a wide range of viscosities from free-flowing to viscous products.  Optional HEPA filtration systems can also be incorporated to provide positive pressure airflow within the machine environment.

All FILAMATIC Monoblocs are digitally controlled with menu-driven programs that electronically adjust operating parameters for quick and easy tool-less changeovers.

Highlights and options of the Monobloc series include:

  • Highest precision/most advanced pumps driven by individual servo motors
  • High flexibility
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Recipe driven changeover
  • Optional tare & gross load cells for net weight filling
  • Bottom-up filling, locate filling, & static filling
  • Optional pre-, during- and post-gas flushing
  • Optional bulk hoppers with level control
  • Complete validation documents available, (FRS, DDS, FAT/SAT, IQ/OQ)
  • Data output


FILAMATIC - Monobloc - Automated Solutions - 20-21 Family Brochure