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Why Filling Precision Matters

filamatic filling precision

Filling precision will ensure that every container you fill is equal.

Finding the right filling machine is an essential part of planning for consistent and high-quality production. You are not only tasked with finding a reliable, efficient, and affordable machine, but you also have to consider the technical specifications that best fit your needs. One factor to consider is filling precision. What exactly does that refer to, and how is it different from filling accuracy? It’s important to understand the differences before selecting your new filling machine at Filamatic.

Filling Precision Is Good for Business

Experienced business owners know that filling problems can cause a range of issues in their production output and profits. Underfilling containers can lead to angry or disappointed customers while overfilling bottles wastes your product and money.

Imprecise can result in quality assurance failures and may even be hazardous in industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals. The filling machine you choose must be both accurate and precise because these terms have related but slightly different meanings.

Filling Accuracy

Filling accuracy refers to the average filling volume a machine can achieve across a batch of containers. The filling machine is accurate if the mean filling value approaches the desired target volume. However, because this is considering the average fill value, this means that individual volumes can be different. In some cases, this works best. For example, your machine may use liquid-level filling so that there appears to be the same amount of liquid in each bottle once capped. Each bottle may have tiny differences, but they all average out, so you don’t waste product. At the same time, the packaging looks consistent, so customers don’t feel cheated.

Filling Precision

When exact amounts of product are required, filling precision is essential. This is seen most often in the pharmaceutical industry, where the dosage is a critical consideration. A precise liquid filling machine will have “volumetric repeatability,” with little random error between filling volumes.

Precision machines must be set up exactly and calibrated accurately. If one bottle is filled wrong, then all bottles will be incorrect. To get the best results, most filling machines must be accurate and precise.

Specialists in Liquid Filling Systems

For over 70 years, FILAMATIC has provided a wide range of liquid filling machines to the packaging market. We create flexible, customized solutions for every stage of your business growth. Whether you require a single machine, a complete turnkey fill-cap-label solution, or a fully automated, integrated Monobloc system, we have the liquid filling experience for your project.

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