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  • The Filamatic philosophy holds that the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” should not extend to efforts focused on making something better.

  • Last year, Filamatic had the great opportunity to participate in PMMI’s Amazing Packaging Race for the first time. The Amazing Packaging Race supports engineering students who participate in a race where they must find solutions to various engineering challenges provided by… Read More

  • Pack Expo is the biggest packaging convention in the world that brings people together from all around the globe to share their latest innovations for the packaging industry. Pack Expo is brought to you by PMMI (Packaging Machinery Manufactures Institute), a… Read More

  • Packaging manufacturers are gearing up for one of the biggest events the industry, the 2015 Pack Expo. From liquid filling, case packaging, labeling companies, container manufactures, and many more, this trade show brings together some of the biggest and hottest… Read More

  • I know what you’re asking, “What’s so important about nozzles?” Funny you should ask, we’re going to discuss some of the most important parts to a liquid filling machine, nozzles. To the eye nozzles may seem mundane or straightforward, when… Read More

  • In the interest of saving energy and your wallet, most of you have been using a programmable thermostat for several years. A not uncommon, but more annoying issue is that the touch cells could stop working at any time; you… Read More

  • Recently, I have been taking a much closer—and much different— look at the abundance of controls systems products on the market. I’m not looking for a particular product, nor am I trying to solve a particular problem. Not at all—I’m… Read More

  • Today we celebrate earth day while shining light on our environment and rising public awareness about pollution. To honor earth day we would like to introduce to you Pilot’s line of pens, Bottle to Plastic (B2P) that are made from re-purposed plastic bottles…. Read More

  • Consumers are seeing more and more flexible packaging flowing onto the shelves at grocery stores. Flexible packaging is growing from food, to personal care items, and now even liquid products. This begs the question: Why this new trend in flexible… Read More

  • It’s that time of the year again when flowers start to bloom, the sun shines longer, and the air is fresher–and you begin your spring cleaning. In preparation for the warmer months we suggest that you give your machine the same spring cleaning treatment… Read More