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Liquid Filling Nozzles #101

I know what you’re asking, “What’s so important about nozzles?” Funny you should ask, we’re going to discuss some of the most important parts to aNozzles In a Row liquid filling machine, nozzles. To the eye nozzles may seem mundane or straightforward, when in reality they are a vital element to the machine’s performance. A nozzle is a device that is designed to control the direction of the fluid flow as it exits the filler into a container, makes sense. However, that’s where simplicity ends and things get a little more interesting… Available in a variety of designs to provide drip-free, foam-free, and string-free fills, these nozzles are made of 316 stainless steel or Kynar.

First, the Straight Through nozzle has a standard nozzle design that is used with a majority of liquids. Then, the Ball Check nozzle has a built-in check valve which prevents dripping when filling low surface tension liquids. Finally, the Internal Valve Tip and External Valve Tip nozzles provide positive cut-off for drip free, string-free filling.

Generally, larger fill volumes require larger nozzle sizes.  Depending on the container opening, the fill speed can often increase if a larger nozzle is used.  However, too large of a nozzle can introduce dripping.  The best way to determine the largest size for the container without dripping is to get the product tested.  When bottom-up filling is required, the length of the nozzle is determined by the container height.  Nozzles are connected to the product supply using a barb fitting or a tri-clover connection.

Nozzle Types

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