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If It Ain’t Broke…Make It Better?

The Filamatic philosophy holds that the old adage If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it should not extend to efforts focused on making something better. We have always listened carefully—and truly appreciate every comment anyone offers regarding our products and services. In particular, what we’ve heard about our Monoblocs—a lot of good stuff, but a few areas that we can do better—helped offer additional motivation. While we know many customers from many different industries enjoy the
performance our different Monobloc solutions, we wanted to take that performance to the next level.

And that is precisely what we did!Filamatic - Fusion2 Monobloc - Blog - Img1

It is with extreme pride and pleasure that we introduce the world to our Fusion2 Monobloc. There are many enhancements, and a few drastic changes. Perhaps the most notable new feature is that there is no remote electrical control panel! When installing the machine in your facility, you only need to connect the main power, vibratory feeder bowls, and compressed air. For those folks under validation umbrellas, there are no I/O checks required! This is because nothing was disconnected prior to shipping it to you. You’ll be running your Fusion2 in record time… and with the intentionally compact design, you’ll have more floor space available. Learn more about this smaller footprint now!

In addition, while we reduced the overall footprint and removed many complexities, we increased the performance and overall feature set. The Fusion2 now uses less power than previous Monobloc models
on the market and is much easier, quicker to changeover. We  have eliminated those pesky annoyances our users told us  about with several newly designed and nifty mechanisms.    We’ve also made it much easier to make routine adjustments  and perform routine maintenance. Operators will surely  appreciate our easy adjustments for sensors and mechanisms  that occasionally need to  be moved for product changeovers.

If that wasn’t enough, the FuFilamatic - Fusion2 Monobloc - Blog - Img2sion2 runs a wider selection of products within a smaller footprint…
this philosophical and structural integration is exactly what you need.

From piston pumps to peristaltic, from crimp to snap to threaded caps, from dropper tips to rubber stoppers, from glass to plastic bottles, the Fusion2 has you covered.

We know you’ll love it. We’re quite proud of it. Fusion2:  unique performance, undeniable quality, unrivaled support. Go further, Do more with Filamatic. For more information on Filamatic, email or call 866.254.1914. Jack Chopper, Senior Controls Engineer, Filamatic

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