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Packaging Design in a Post-COVID World

covid coronavirusThe global COVID-19 pandemic has already affected packaging designs throughout many industries. When the coronavirus subsides, these packaging changes will remain. Changing demands of consumers and remote design teams are two factors that will affect packaging design in a post-COVID world. Today, we’ll learn more on how packaging design has changed and will continue to change in a post-COVID-19 world.

Quick and Easy-to-Use Packaging

The coronavirus has altered many behaviors that had been unchanged for years. For instance, consumers are expected to continue cooking at home. Many people are learning to appreciate home cooking and will want to continue to enjoy it. Of course, many consumers will still desire easy and efficient cooking materials. This means an increased interest in snacks and ready-to-cook meals. All types of foods will now be packaged in a more convenient fashion… making them easier to use for all those would be home chefs. This practice is gaining more and more momentum with consumers and is quickly being addressed by manufacturers.

Getting Packaging Quickly to Market

personal care and cosmeticsDuring the coronavirus, there has been a surge in demand for personal care and cosmetics products. Even after the pandemic fades, consumers will still be buying many types of personal care and cosmetic products.

Brands now have the opportunity to create products for this new and growing market. These brands can benefit from the demand if they can develop their packaging with coronavirus market speed.

Typically, the time required to create packaging designs and get them manufactured is 8 to 12 weeks (minimum). But now, it is critical to meet consumer demands before your competition will. For instance, Clean Giving, Neat, and Sanzi-Derm are all hand sanitizer brands that were created to meet the demand for hand sanitizer the past couple of months.

Companies have also been using online collaboration tools to allow brands to design and launch product packaging faster. This means a reduced time-to-market and an increased chance of a successful packaging design launch.

Collaborative Design with Social Distancing

During the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly every company has found a way to have its employees collaborate from home. New collaborative tools can help packaging designers quickly work together even when apart. These tools can also help team members assign tasks and deadlines. This increased digital management can help artwork get developed and approved much faster than before.

By listening to new market demands, companies can design successful packaging and products. New tools that allow for remote collaborations can enable designers to launch new products faster than ever before.

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