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Marketing & Packaging: A Close Relationship

When one thinks of liquid filling, the marketing industry is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Through working in the liquid filling industry for over 60 years, Filamatic has witnessed many changes in the packaging industry as it relates to the marketing of products.

Manufactures such as Mountain Dew pay close attention industry trends and develop their packaging based off of consumer needs and desires. Mountain dew 2Recently, craft products such as craft beers and pizza have become very popular. In order to enter this new craft market, Mountain Dew created a craft soda called DEWshine—but its more than the ingredients that have people talking. In making this transition into craft soda, Mountain Dew turned to longneck bottles similar to beer bottles to give the craft essence.

You can expect to see Mountain Dews first craft soda made from real sugar, as well as it’s unique soda packaging, soon as they will hit shelves next week, March 23 in a single-serve bottle and four-pack option.

In truth, marketing is a huge component of the packaging and filling industry because manufactures are continually forced to create innovation and interesting packaging to attract new customers. This in turn means that the liquid filling industry must be able to adapt and fill a wide range of containers and bottles. Over the course of Filamatic’s years of experience we have been able to do just that. We look forward to the innovations on the horizon and working with our partners to find solutions as unique as their needs.

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