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Spring Cleaning: Tooling Maintenance

It’s that time of the year again when flowers start to bloom, the sun shines longer, and the air is fresher–and you begin your spring cleaning. In preparation for the warmer months we suggest that you give your machine the same spring cleaning treatment as you do your house.springcleaning

The number one question we often encounter is in regards to our machine’s life. Our answer is always simple; it all depends on the attention and care given to maintaining your machine. Built with stainless steel and 100% USA made, it is still important to keep your machine in prime condition to ensure that it repeatedly fills accurately fill after fill.

One easy-yet often times overlooked-way to guarantee a long machine life is to clean the tooling inside before your machine is run. This is a quick process that should be done relatively often to rid any buildup in your machine.

As a rule of thumb, when dealing with bigger parts you should take the tooling out then proceed to clean them and when handling smaller parts you may clean the tools while on the machine. This quick procedure will greatly reduce future filling problems and add years to your machine’s life. Remember: With your considerate care, our machines are built to last.

Happy spring cleaning and cheers to a long life for your machine!


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