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Flexible Packaging

Consumers are seeing more and more flexible packaging flowing onto the shelves at grocery stores. Flexible packaging is growing from food, to personal care items, and now even liquid products. This begs the question: Why this new trend in flexible packaging? Well we are here to help answer that question.PresSure_Lock-300x300

Flexible packaging benefits everyone in the consumer goods industry including corporations, consumers and most importantly, the environment.  This innovative packaging creates more opportunity for products to be marketed and this transformable shaped packaging condenses shipments permitting more products to be transported for cheaper. Flexible packaging is considerably lighter in weight than firm packaging allowing for an easier buying experience for consumers. Possibly the most exciting focus in flexible packaging, is the fewer resources needed in order to create the material, which in turn aids our environment.

Zip-Pack, a company that provides resalable closure services, is one example of a leading innovator in the packaging industry. Zip-Pack has developed a new flexible packaging option called ‘PresSure Lok’ for liquid products. This new innovation is able to hold shampoo, detergent. We expect to see many more companies

Filamatic is proud to work with partners across a wide range of industries that push the limits in the packaging sphere while partaking in environmentally friendly practices.

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