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From Bottle To Pen

Today we celebrate earth day while shining light on our environment and rising public awareness about pollution. To honor earth day we would like to introduce to you Pilot’s line of pens, Bottle to Plastic (B2P) that are made from re-purposed plastic bottles.

Pilot’s Bottle to Plastic line includes ball point, gel, and soda pens that are made from used water bottles. These pens have been manufactured since Earth Day, April 22, 2012. These efforts by Pilot take non-biodegradable plastic bottles and recycle them into usable pens for a second life.  One used bottle is able to make two pens, leaving fewer bottles in landfills.B2P-ball

Director of Consumer Marketing and Marketing Research Ariann Langsam stated, “It’s our shared responsibility to be good stewards to the planet and to protect the environment. Making an effort to leave greener footprints behind have to be incorporated into our everyday choices.”

Pilot’s B2P is the first pen made from recycled plastic bottles ever to be produced and distributed. These pens are made from 89% and 83% post-consumer recycled plastic.

When industries in different areas of expertise work together boundless opportunities can be met. The worlds of packaging and office supplies is just one prime example of two industries meshing together to create something that will passively impact the next generations to come. Next time your last pen runs out of ink make sure to go green with Pilot’s recycled plastic bottle pens!

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