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How a Simple Bottle Design Benefits Your Business

filamatic simple bottle design

A simple bottle design will help you save money and avoid waste.

Businesses understand the importance of helping their product stand out on the shelf. However, while product designers may be tempted to create unique, attention-grabbing bottles, there are many reasons why keeping it simple is better for business. A simple bottle design can reduce packaging costs, improve the ease of use, make label applications easier, speed up your production line, and prevent breakage. All of these benefits and more are crucial for attracting and keeping customers and saving excess costs in your production line.

A Simple Bottle Design Reduces Packaging Costs

A simple shape requires fewer materials and costs you less. Additionally, the cap will be more straightforward, which again helps drive down the price you pay. This also means that it is easier to find filling and packaging machines that can support your product.

A few other factors that should be considered for adequate packaging include:

  • Durability for transport
  • Ease of handling
  • Aesthetics
  • Government regulations
  • Lightweight vs. heavyweight materials

A simpler bottle design can meet regulations and safety requirements much more easily than a complex design would. This saves you a lot of headaches and makes production more efficient.

Increase the Ease of Product Use

A simple bottle design not only means that your bottle will be easier to fill through your machine but also easier for your consumer to use. No one wants to have bottles that are hard to open or that slip out of their hands due to their odd shape. Even if the shape is appealing, your consumer won’t be interested if it’s a challenge.

Easy Label Application

When your bottle design is simple, it is much easier to apply any labels and extra packaging required. This means you can avoid spending money on specialty machines or additional labor. You also save a significant amount of time on the labeling process.

If you want to create eye-catching packaging, you can still do so through your label. You can design a creative label that incorporates traits like:

  • Bold colors
  • Appealing textures
  • Informative text and information

Whatever your customer is attracted to can be incorporated into your label design. By applying a visually impressive label to a simple bottle design, you can still create a stylish and appealing final product.

The Bottle Is Resistant to Breakage

Complicated bottle designs are more likely to have weak points that make them vulnerable to damage. This damage could occur anywhere in the production process or on transport to stores. This could mean losing a lot of money on damaged products, as well as irritated customers.

In general, good packaging should protect your contents from:

  • Compression: the weight of the load, both static and dynamic
  • Vibration: the constant movement or motion from different transportation
  • Shock: received from drops or impacts
  • Atmospheric: changes brought on by temperatures, humidity, and pressure

It can be challenging to design a bottle that is resistant to all of these factors. However, the simpler your bottle design, the fewer vulnerabilities it tends to have. If your bottle is resistant to the above factors, it can avoid breakage before and after reaching your customer.

A Sped-Up Production Line

When you select a simple bottle design and cap, this means that your products can move through your filling and capping machines faster. This boosts your productivity and allows you to process products quicker and transport your finished packages to your customers as soon as possible to meet your demand.

Liquid Filling Experts

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