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The Advantages of Packaging with Conveyor Systems

filamatic conveyor systems

There are numerous conveyor systems available to increase your production efficiency.

Conveyor systems can be a hugely beneficial and necessary addition to many packaging processes. Conveyor belts are adaptable to a variety of needs and can do a lot to improve packaging efficiency and automate packaging lines. However, conveyor systems do more than just increase productivity. They can help increase safety, decrease errors, and help you take full advantage of your packaging floor. Read on to learn more about what specifically conveyors can do for your packaging system and how you can determine the best system for your needs.

Save Labor Costs

If you don’t have much money to spend on labor at the moment, a conveyor system can help you cut back without sacrificing safety or quality. Conveyor systems are more efficient than forklifts, carts, or manual transport and require fewer people to move an item. As a result, you will need less labor to transport your goods.

Increased Throughput

The constant movement of conveyor systems means that you can significantly increase the number of delivered items. This helps your packaging facility hit every deadline and production quota with ease.

Use Floor Space Efficiently

Conveyor systems can be mounted in a variety of versatile ways. This flexibility allows you to maximize the use of your floor space and avoid filling your facility with bulky equipment. Conveyor belt systems can be mounted on the floor, on the ceiling, and at different levels of your facility. Vertical conveyors can also be used to move items from one level to another.

Fewer Packaging Errors

Conveyor belt systems are vital for establishing consistency and standardization in your packaging process. This decreases the risk of error and helps streamline your operations by cutting down on fixes and reworkings.

Control Your Packaging Pace

When you use conveyor systems, you can always adjust the speed of your assembly line. Depending on your output, you can move items faster or slower to adjust to your natural work pace and avoid dangerous rushing or slow downtime.

Increased Facility Safety

Installing conveyor systems in your facility means that you can avoid using heavy machinery like forklifts. Your employees can also reduce the amount of time they need to lift heavy objects and strain themselves. This overall produces a safer environment and reduces chances for injury.

Versatile Packaging Systems

Depending on your chosen system, a conveyor belt can be programmed to change direction, change height, or rotate items. You can use conveyors for returning or receiving goods. No matter what your packaging needs are, you can use a conveyor system to increase your efficiency.

How to Choose Your Conveyor System

As with most packaging machines, you will have to consider whether you want a pre-existing turnkey solution or a custom solution built from scratch. When you are selecting your system, consider the following questions:

  • What will the system be used for? Are you transporting cargo, carrying items through sterilization, or sorting finished goods? This will influence your decision.
  • What material is being transported? Some products may require specialty belting.
  • How strong should the motor be? If you need to move heavy loads or transport goods at high speeds, you need a powerful conveyor system motor.
  • Do I have the floor space? Make sure that you will still have room for other processes in your facility.

Liquid Filling Experts

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