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How Effective Cosmetic Packaging Makes a Difference

The cosmetics and personal care industries are massive. Many brands are competing for consumers’ attention, with a variety of beauty products. It can be difficult for any brand to succeed and stand apart from an industry giant, let alone working within a saturated marketplace.

One way brands can stand out is through attractive and functional cosmetics packaging that appeals to consumers on many levels. The following techniques are being used in cosmetics packaging to help brands make a splash!

Embrace Simplicity in Cosmetics Packaging

According to The Goldstein Group, people recall images first by color, then shape, then by symbol, and finally by words. If you’ve worked your way through all that… then you will know that creating cosmetics packaging that has simple but striking colors and shapes can help people remember your packaging. Simple packaging also omits unnecessary information that may confuse the consumer.

Laminated or Scented Packaging

Laminated packaging has a great visual appeal that helps catch people’s attention. Adding texture and scent to your packaging can also help grab the consumer’s eyes and increase their chances of buying your product.

Foil Stamping for Luxury

Gold or silver foil stamps on cosmetic packaging can convey luxury. Consumers who see foil stamping will recognize your product as a high-end, luxurious, and valuable item.

Haptic Appeal

“Haptic” appeal refers to touch sensations. For instance, embossing a package adds a new dimension to your cosmetic packaging. When consumers touch the package, they feel a unique physical texture that helps this item stand out among other brands cosmetics packaging.

Tell Your Brand Story Through Artwork

Creating cosmetics packaging that tells your brand story can help you connect with consumers. This can be an excellent method, particularly if your brand has specific social or global goals.

Logo As Focal Point

Minimalist packaging that focuses on highlighting your logo can be effective. Keeping your cosmetics packaging simple helps consumers believe that you don’t need to use many words to convince them to buy your product. Using straightforward typography that makes your logo readable is also essential for helping your packaging stand out.

Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

People are now paying more attention to green efforts made by brands. This makes sustainable packaging an attractive choice. Eco-friendly packaging means you are helping to conserve natural resources and minimizing waste. You should design your cosmetics packaging to be reused, repurposed, or recycled.

Create a Cosmetics Packaging Experience

Cosmetics packaging that makes unboxing exciting helps encourage buyers to share their purchases on social media. Pay attention to how you present packaged items, and add thank you notes or branded tissue paper. These touches help leave an impression with the consumer and add a personal touch.

Try Premium

If your brand wants to showcase a premium type product, you should make sure that your cosmetics packaging matches that mentality. Gift boxes and high-quality boxes that use various techniques mentioned above will always “wow” your customers.

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