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Correct Liquid Filling Machine Set-Up Procedures to Improve Efficiency

Want to make your filling machine better, faster, and more cost-effective?  Below are a few simple procedures to follow that can improve the efficiency of your filling machine:

1.  Bottom-Up and Dual Speed Adjustments-We encounter many products that have foaming characteristics (e.g. face wash, perfumes, food extracts). To maximize filling machinery efficiency, which relate to better fills and higher production rates, the bottom-up and dual speed flow controls can be adjusted to:

  • Reduce foaming-The obvious objective when filling a product that foams is to position the end of the nozzle as close to the product level as possible. This adjustment is achieved by slight turns of the bottom-up flow control. This valve controls the speed of the nozzles as the product is being dispensed. In some cases submerging the nozzles in the product as the container is being filled can increase production rate significantly.
  •  Reduce dripping- Dripping can occur as the nozzle bracket contacts the stop block when nozzles are fully extended following a fill. The dual speed valve can be adjusted so the upward speed of the nozzle travel is slower, this in turn reduces the force that the bracket hits the block which eliminates dripping.

Note: The bottom-up speed is proportional to the filler speed. If the filler speed is increased the bottom-up speed will need to be increased as well and vice versa.

The nozzle dives into the container and rises with the liquid product.

2.  Locate Fill Adjustment– if the product does not require a bottom-up fill, the machine can be set-up to utilize the locate fill option. This method will increase the overall production rate when compared to a bottom-fill. This increase in production rate is due to the nozzle travel being kept to a minimum.

A static nozzle is place above the container to fill.

3.  Filler Speed– The most common cause of excessive foaming is the incorrect adjustment of the filler speed. When filling foamy products the more velocity created in the discharge line the foamier the product

  • Reduce foaming-Reduce filler speed
  • Motor efficiency-The life of the filler motor, gearbox, can be maximized by adjusting the filler speed such that is does not stop when running the machine in the auto mode.
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