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Answers to your Liquid Filling Questions

How do you prevent the products from foaming?

Here at Filamatic, we can solve your foaming problems with our bottom-up filling technique. This technique can be used on both semi-automatic and automatic equipment. Bottom-up filling allows the nozzles of each pump to be inserted into the container and rise just above the liquid as the liquid rises. Bottom-up filling ensures a smooth fill and eliminates the foaming of your product.

Our products need to be filled at different speeds throughout the fill?

Servo driven technology allows for a fill to be done at different speeds throughout the filling process.  The servo driven nozzle allows for varying rates of nozzle withdrawal and liquid dispense simultaneously. For example, when filling cream, the nozzle withdrawal rate can be synchronized to rise with the fill level so that the cream spreads out to the sides of the container as the container is filled while eliminating overflow spillages.

How do you handle unusual/unstable container shapes?

Containers that are unstable or have an unusual shape can be difficult to fill on a high-volume basis. These unstable shaped containers can be handled on an automatic machine with the use of container ‘pucks’. Filamatic can order pucks, which are plastic holders that embrace the unstable container and assure that the liquid filling process is clean and accurate.

How do you solve “dripping” problems on filling equipment?

Our Valve-In-Tip nozzles provide cutoff for drip-free, string-free filling.  This nozzle is actuated by air pressure and can be used with both foamy and non-foamy liquids. Our designs ensure you drip-free filling and for stringy products, a quick and smooth fill.

How do you support your filling machines?

Our bottle filling equipment is reliable, durable, and made in the USA.  However, maintaining and servicing your filling equipment will still be required for your machine.  Our Customer Service and Technical Service team will provide ongoing support to ensure that your liquid filling machine is running smoothly and efficiently.  Our parts are manufactured in-house, allowing for shorter lead time, “down” machines are a top priority, and we stand behind our equipment 100%.

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