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Increasing Demand for 100% Check Weighing in Liquid Filling Systems

A capability that is becoming more in demand with our Monobloc Fill/Finish Packaging liquid filling system is 100% check weighing, or tare/gross weighing.  Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food, and Beverage industries are adding check weighing to liquid filling and packaging systems to ensure protection against product failures and recalls, help comply with weight and measure guides, and reduce overall operating costs.

The check weighing system integrates two weigh cells beneath the turret indexing assembly. One weigh cell weighs the empty container while the other weighs the filled container. The empty containers are indexed into the first weigh cell, and the actuated turret assembly frees itself from the container.  While the container remains disengaged from contact with the turret, its tare weight is determined.

The empty container is then filled and indexed to the second cell where its gross weight is determined. The net weight is then calculated, recorded, and compared to the pre-programed range. The incorrectly filled and assembled containers are rejected while the correctly filled containers continue downstream. Data is automatically collected into either excel or any SQL database and is reported onscreen in real time.

Properly weighing and 100% correctly verifying the fill volume in an unstable container was a little more challenging at 50 containers per minute.  The solution was to secure the container in a turret pocket, which supports the container throughout the filling, capping, and labeling processes. While tare and gross weight are calculated, the turret frees itself from the container, leaving the container by itself as its weight is determined. This process allows for faster weight calculations and higher production rates.

Monobloc Turret with Check Weigh Capabilities


See the Monobloc with check weighing in action.


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