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Automatic Hot Filler Machine Featuring: Filling Hot and Foamy Liquids

A customer from the Food industry had previously sought out Filamatic with their new application. They wanted to fill hot and foamy liquids into their glass containers at high speeds with their Automatic Model H-748-CE Hot Filling Machine. This liquid filling machine was to fill five various sized glass bottles at a rate of 140 bottles per minute.


After testing out a few ideas, the technical service team came up with a solution. The hot, or molten product liquid filler, was designed to operate in a continuous motion mode in order to achieve the desired fill rate. By using a timing screw in order to separate the bottles, the throughput increase. The filling nozzles were mounted on a walking beam assembly which tracked the movement of the containers through the filling area.  The walking beam diving nozzle bracket was also used to fill the glass bottles from the bottom up, which eliminated foaming of the hot liquid. All pumps, tubing, and nozzles used were placed in a heat controlled enclosure that maintained product temperature.

To help you better understand how this process works, here is some background information:

The hot fill technique allows liquids such as solids or liquefiable solids such as stick deodorant and lipstick to be filled with ease. This is accomplished when the automatic filler maintains the elevated temperature, up to 200°F, of the incoming product. Hot filling utilizes the bottom-up filling technique in order to eliminate splashing and minimize foaming during the filling process. The nozzles of the pump are inserted into around 1/2″ from the bottom of the container before slowing withdrawing them as the liquid fills the container.

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