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ProLINE™ System: Liquid Fill-Cap-Label

The ProLINE™ automatic filling system is Filamatic’s latest total filling line solution with all the accoutrements to successfully get your product to the market.

SKU: 181 Related Machinery: EconoFIL Automatic Benchtop Filling Machines, Synchromat Filling Machine,


The ProLINE system is a complete Inline fill-cap-label solution. Now you can have a full, quality and 100% USA made turnkey system at an affordable price. With unheard of lead times 4 weeks or less for a full system, the ProLINE is ideal for medium to higher speed applications across a wide-range of industries: from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and thick personal care products, to tinctures, e-liquids, specialty chemicals, as well as food-grade oils.

Most importantly, the modular design allows you to be in complete control of your production process; pick and choose the packaging components that fit your budget and production needs at the time of purchase, while allowing for future scaling as budgets or demands arise. In addition, this type of design affords you the ability to arrange it to fit within the confines of your facility. If existing equipment or room sizes don’t allow for longer, straight conveyor runs, we can work with you to layout any number of bends or snaking arrangements to suit; the possibilities are nearly endless.

In addition to the EconoFIL filling unit and the standalone, enclosed CT-100 or CT-200 pneumatic indexed capping systems, FILAMATIC’s ProLINE system is often accompanied with unscrambling and accumulation tables, different length conveyors, labeling solutions, batch-code printing options, and shrink sleeve banding systems with heat tunnels. For maximum flexibility, all of these subsystems can be purchased individually or in an integrated package. Training is offered on a variety of levels with on-site testing/training, as well as in-the-field training to assure each machine operator walks away as an expert in operation.

Numerous filling technologies, models, materials, and sizes allow for versatility in product applications, across differing viscosity ranges and product characteristics. Customized tooling and indexing technologies for every container allow for reliable handling, accurate placement, and consistent capping. No tooling required changeovers and pump mounting allow for lightning fast setup between product runs with several options available to minimize risk of cross-contamination. Controls, sensors, and programming assure minimal downtime, minimal product loss, and maximum throughput of your finished product. For even more peace of mind, you can rest easy knowing FILAMATIC has decades of experience producing high quality filling and packaging solutions. All engineering design and production teams are located at our manufacturing facility in Baltimore, Maryland, in operation since 1968, assuring a high-quality, made in the USA product.

Whether you are a small business owner with growing demands, looking to make the leap from small-batch, benchtop hand filling to an automated production line, or co-packager seeking to start-up a new production line for a client with tight budgetary constraints, the FILAMATIC ProLINE system has the engineering know-how and the handling accoutrements to successfully get your product in the hands of your customers.


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