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EconoFIL Automatic Benchtop Filling Machines

  • Modular design automates DAB-5, DAB-8, and/or AdaptaFil benchtop models
  • Capable of delivering productions rates in the 50+ bottles per minute range
  • Sanitary conveyor lengths available in 8, 10, 12, and 16 feet
  • Programmable controller
  • +/- 1% or better fill accuracy
  • Compatible with Filamatic ProLINE modular system
  • Multiple container indexing options
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Horizontal bottle centering system
SKU: 19 Related Machinery: ProLINE™ System: Liquid Fill-Cap-Label,


The FILAMATIC EconoFIL automatic filling machine was developed with a simple question in mind: What would happen if we automated a typically manually operated Benchtop filling machine with an extended conveyor and container handling controls? The result was an economically priced, high performing solution for medium speed applications with smaller to medium-sized fill volumes.

The EconoFIL utilizes either one or two simultaneous, FILAMATIC piston pumps for the DAB-base models, with sizes ranging from fractions of a milliliter up to 260mL. Across some applications, we can expect to see production speeds as high as 60 bottles per minute. For automated applications where avoidance of cross contamination are required, lightning fast transition from batch-to-batch are needed, or simply a wide-varying range of fill sizes are possible, the Adaptafil, peristaltic pump technology benchtop base-model would be an appropriate filling solution for your EconoFIL system.

In addition, the EconoFIL can be easily integrated with other packaging equipment in a modular fashion to form a customized variant of our ProLINE, production line system. The design of which allows you to be in complete control of your production process; pick and choose the packaging components that fit your budget and production needs at the time of purchase, while allowing for future scaling as budgets or demands arise.

While many may need such a complete solution, we also recognize that some may need just a drop-in replacement for an older filling machine and conveyor; again, another situation in which the EconoFIL shines. The flexibility of the design and the expertise of our in-house Engineering and Field Services teams, allows us to provide you with assistance in your retrofitting endeavors.






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