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What You Need to Know About Piston Fillers

filamatic piston fillers

Piston fillers are one of the more versatile and efficient liquid filling machines.

If your company has many high viscosity liquids to fill, such as honey or sauces, piston fillers may be the best choice for your filling machine. These machines are also known as viscous filling machines and are one of the more versatile machines on the market. If you believe piston fillers may be the best choice for your company’s production line, read on for an introduction to these useful machines.

The Key Components of a Piston Filler

Before using a piston filler, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the machine. There are five critical elements of a piston filler machine:

  • The hopper, which holds bulk quantities of the product to be filled
  • The piston, which pulls the product from the hopper to the cylinder until the cylinder is filled
  • The cylinder, which maintains a constant interior volume for consistent fill levels
  • The valve, which opens and closes to allow and stop product flow through the cylinder and nozzles
  • The nozzles, which dispense product into the waiting containers

The Versatility of Piston Fillers

There are a few key facts to remember about piston fillers while using them. A piston filler is one of the more versatile machines and allows for a variety of uses through the following adjustments:

  • The piston’s stroke length and the cylinder’s inside diameter determine the fill volume of the machine. A larger cylinder can then accommodate more product.
  • You can also adjust the fill volume on the device by setting the piston’s stroke length.
  • You can also change the speed of the piston’s movement.
  • The size of the hopper varies depending on the size of your containers.
  • Different nozzles are available depending on the type of product you are packaging.

Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Piston Filler

Depending on your production needs, you may prefer to use a fully automatic piston filler or a semi-automatic piston filler. Both provide the same filling benefits but require different operator needs and integration tools.

Automatic Fillers

  • These fillers work with several automated devices, including auto-indexing and power conveyor systems, to reduce operator assistance.
  • The operator only has to set up the machine; the rest is automatic.
  • These machines are equipped with stainless steel frames, leveling legs, and casters for easier integration into your conveyor system.
  • They often come with touchscreen control panels for easier control of the entire parameters.

Semi-Automatic Piston Fillers

  • Semi-automatic machines require more interaction with the operator, including placing the containers into the machine, initiating each fill cycle, and removing each filled container.
  • Some semi-automatic machines are built to allow easier upgrades when your production requirements increase.
  • They can come in tabletop versions for small packagers.

The Top Benefits of Piston Fillers

There are several reasons why packagers continue to choose piston fillers for their products. The primary benefits of these machines include:

  • The ability to handle all product viscosities. While they are accommodating for highly viscous products, they work equally well for thin products.
  • The availability of various nozzle types. Nozzles can be designed to meet your various needs.
  • Piston fillers can handle different container styles and materials. Because of the versatility of the cylinders and pistons, these machines can be used for various containers.
  • The machines can handle particulates easily.
  • The fillers produce accurate volumetric fills with every stroke of the piston.

If you need to fill viscous liquid products quickly and consistently, piston fillers can help you do just that. No matter your product container or your automation preferences, you can find a piston filler that suits your needs well.

Liquid Filling Experts

For over 70 years, FILAMATIC has provided a wide range of liquid filling machines to the packaging market. We create flexible, customized solutions for every stage of your business growth. Whether you require a single machine, a complete turnkey solution, or a fully-automated, integrated Monobloc system, we have the liquid filling experience that will exceed your expectations.

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