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The Code to Liquid Filling

Code to Liquid Filling - IMG1

There is much more to Filamatic’s liquid filling machines than what meets the eye; beyond our visionary design, there lies an intricate puzzle that helps drive the mechanical innovation and paves the way for our customers’ successes. If you look past the shiny, stainless steel and glossy touchscreen features, you’ll see different elements seamlessly working together, allowing Filamatic to provide each and every customer with their desired level of liquid filling automation. The key component being electrical development that utilizes current, cutting-edge practices that are being used across different industries every day. That’s right, forward-looking development and coding is what’s driving tomorrow’s automation.

Due to rising demand from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food & beverage industries, the global Coding and Marking market is projected to reach $5,310.5 million by 2023 according to the most recent P&G Market Research. When you think of coding and development, the first thing that probably comes to mind are your traditional tech giants: Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. However, if you look a little closer… see the forest for the trees, you will see that trends are happening in these areas across multiple industries. For instance, the packaging industry has long since been experiencing this growth cycle regarding how rising sales of packaged foods, bottled waters, fruit juices, bagged items, specialty oils, growth of nutraceuticals and dairy products have largely contributed to the rise in the global packaging coding and marking market.

Seeing these trends and identifying specific customer needs, Filamatic has stayed ahead of the curve and continued to develop these business segments. Filamatic’s customized and industry leading development gives you the consistent, accurate and reliable results that help satisfy your industry requirements. This is especially important for companies working in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic, Cosmetic, Health & Personal Care, as well as Food & Beverage industries.

Whatever your liquid filling needs are, Filamatic can help you find the most cost-effective liquid filling solution that best matches your production needs. Unique performance. Undeniable quality. Unrivaled support. Go further, do more with Filamatic. For more information on liquid filling, capping and labeling equipment, email or call 866.258.1914.

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