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Sustainable Packaging Insights From 2020

The recent gathering of the 2020 Virtual SPC (“Sustainable Packaging Coalition”) Advance gave sustainable packaging experts the chance to discuss insights from the past year. These insights are valuable to the packaging industry, which is always trying to achieve better sustainability practices. So what should the packaging industry remember moving forward? Read on for a few SPC insights.

Prepare for Exponential Growth

The problems of climate change, ocean plastics, species loss, and resource extraction are growing exponentially. However, the solutions can also develop at the same rate. This can mean an exponential growth in recycled content or reusable packaging.

Understand Planetary Limitations

Although sustainable packaging is environmentally-minded, the steps of the packaging process still need to be considered. All packaging requires sourcing materials and manufacturing, distributing, and disposing of them. These processes can contribute to the acceleration of climate change. When practicing sustainable packaging, consider the impacts along the life cycle of packaging.

Remember the Consumer

The fact is that consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging. Remember, when you are practicing sustainability, you are not just making better packaging choices but are meeting the desires of your consumer base.

Be Transparent

Sustainability is a group effort. Companies should be willing to share information and be transparent in the sustainable efforts they are making. This not only communicates to customers and competitors that you are making efforts but demonstrates what those efforts can be.

Recycled Fiber Uses

Recycled fiber is becoming a suitable packaging solution for general packaging. However, recycled fiber still needs additional processing to be safe for food packaging. It is essential to pay attention to which sustainable materials are appropriate for which sector of the packaging industry.

Mitigating Marine Plastic Pollution

If industries, governments, and consumers take the right measures, marine plastic pollution can decrease. If sustainability efforts are increased, an 80% reduction in marine plastic pollution can occur by 2040. The key is doing much more of the sustainability efforts people are already doing.

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