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Edible Water Bottles: The Future of Sustainable Packaging?

In the quest for sustainable packaging, some companies are attempting to develop packaging that leaves behind very little or no waste. One way to ensure this is to create edible packaging, which you can eat when you use the product. In particular, one company has created an “edible water bottle” that could signify fantastic opportunities for sustainable alternatives to plastic in the future.

The Ooho “Water Bottle”

While the Ooho water bottle is not a “bottle,” it is a small cube-sized, portable water container. The water is packaged within a thin, edible film membrane made from renewable and fast-growing brown seaweed.

People who use the water bottle can either eat the membrane to dispose of it or discard it. When eaten, the membrane has a slightly chewy, crunchy texture. When discarded, the membrane will biodegrade in just a few weeks. By comparison, plastic water bottles can take 450 to 1,000 years to biodegrade.

Uses of Edible Water Bottles

Edible water bottles of this variety can be excellent in situations such as long-distance running events. Marathon runners often drink several water bottles while on their journey, dropping them along the path. Popping in a sustainable, edible Ooho water bottle instead can reduce a lot of waste.

The Ooho water bottle design is already being considered for other applications. For example, this design could be excellent for fast-food ketchup and condiment sachets. Ooho is also producing packets for containing cocktails or other drinks for private events or festivals. These events always produce large amounts of plastic waste from disposable cups or water bottles.

Future Developments

The engineers behind Ooho are already experimenting to create plastic-free sachets for non-food products, heat-sealable films, and produce nets. If water “bottles” and containers can be made from seaweed, what else can be produced as sustainable alternatives to plastic in the future?

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