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Product Recirculating Feature in Monobloc Fill/Finish Packaging Systems

The product recirculating mode is used for filling liquids that contain micro particles. This mode allows the liquid product to return back to the product holding tank when the Monobloc’s filling process pauses due to reasons such as a lack of containers from the upstream unscrambler or some other fault condition. This is accomplished by repositioning the nozzle over a product collection funnel while maintaining normal fill cycle timing. The product remains in motion at all times keeping the micro particles in suspension.

How it Works

After the filling units are prepared and the system is set-up and ready for a production run, you will need to turn on the Funnel Mode. The machine will operate as described:

  1. A signal is received from the “Roller Mixer” to begin cycling in the “resuspension” mode.
  2. The nozzle lift system will move all the way up
  3. The nozzle bracket (A) will retract to position the nozzles (B) over the funnels (D).
  4. The Filling Unit drive system will cycle at the preset volume and cycle at least every 4 seconds or faster to dispense product from the nozzles into the funnels.
  5. The machine must operate in the resuspension mode uninterrupted for at least 4 minutes with no pauses or interruptions. The resuspension timer screen will be display how much of the cycle has been completed and how long it will take to finish.
  6. When the machine has been running for 4 minutes the timer bar will turn from white to solid blue and the “recirculate” mode will begin. The operator must then press the start button on the HMI panel to start the machine in the auto mode. The turret will automatically index bottles to the fill station where the nozzle bracket will extend to position the nozzles over the bottles in the turret. The nozzle bracket will then lower its nozzles to the preset point and dispense the preset amount of product into the bottles. The fill cycle will repeat as long as there are empty bottles being indexed.
  7. If the machine pauses dispensing for more than 6 seconds, the nozzles will rise and reposition the nozzles over the funnels to begin dispensing product into the funnels again in the “recirculate” mode. If the machine resumes filling within 10 minutes the nozzle bracket will extend and the turret will resume indexing. If the machine does not resume filling within 10 minutes it will return to the “resuspension” mode and will need to run again for another full 4 minutes without any interruption.


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