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Liquid Filling and Overwrapping Foam Blocks with an Automatic Inline Filler

Filamatic’s Automatic V Series vertical liquid filling machine is more popularly known for filling viscous products such as creams and shampoos. However, its capabilities do not end there.  The V Series is able to fill foam blocks with water that also is overwrapped and used as a type of insulation to transport temperature sensitive products.

The ability to dispense a free flowing liquid onto various sizes of foam blocks is a unique capability that can be completed by the V-480 volumetric-type, automatic liquid filling system. This packaging system allows the foam blocks to be received in a single file fashion from the conveying system. They are then held in position in the filling area by a foam block locating and/or indexing mechanism. During the filling process, the nozzles drop just above the surface of the blocks and the liquid is dispensed onto the foam block so that the free flowing liquid can be absorbed by the foam block. Once the fill is complete, the nozzles rise and the indexing mechanism releases the filled blocks to travel downstream to be overwrapped.

The challenge for this application was to properly fill up to two different foam blocks with water without exceeding the desired water saturation level. Filamatic’s solution was to use a spring loaded shower head nozzle which would allow enough pressure to be placed onto the foam blocks. This would ensure the water to fill the foam blocks to the preferred water saturation level. These nozzles were also equipped with a nozzle blow timer. This allowed a source of air to blow any residual water off of the nozzle in order to reduce dripping.


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