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Packaging as Art

filamatic packaging as art

You can think of packaging as art when you consider how much unique design and information must go into each product container.

The packaging of products is something we everyday, but it isn’t often thought of as “art.” While it’s true that packaging isn’t created in the way singular pieces of artwork are, they can certainly be art.

Product packaging does much more than merely contain the items customers are purchasing. It can also serve as an advertisement, educational platform, and original piece of art.

The Process of Packaging

While the product itself goes through many phases of development, the packaging is also defined through a process. Both processes feature roles dedicated to researching the best options for the package, how it will be shipped, placed on shelves, or mailed, and make its way to consumers.

A packaging engineer will create a functional structure for the package, while a graphics artist can create a layout, design lettering, and select colors. These choices should be consistent with the company’s branding and include necessary information when applicable. This information may be nutrition information and regulatory content required by law.

The unique challenge of packaging as art is that, while it can look aesthetically interesting, it must contain crucial product information. Instead of one artist designing the package, it’s a collaboration between many departments.

Modern Packaging Challenges

Today, packaging is significantly influenced by social media and e-commerce. This means that packaging lifecycles are shorter, and change is accelerating. Packaging may change for each season or holiday to highlight a new promotional partner or include a new claim or appealing benefit.

To keep up with this speed, brands must adapt their packaging process to remain relevant and competitive with other brands doing the same.

Optimize Your Packaging Approval Process

When speed-to-market is a critical metric for packaging development, companies want to optimize their packaging process. However, when there is pressure to get to market quickly, the risk of labeling error may increase.

To combat that risk, a company can institute a standardized process to manage packaging approval and ensure that all necessary and correct information is on the package. By utilizing standardization, a company can quickly approve new packaging designs and move them to the next step of the process.

Standardized Packaging As Art

You may wonder, if the design process is so standardized, is it still art? Yes, as the package is more than a container. Your product packaging represents the essence of your brand and is often responsible for the consumer’s first impression of the brand or product. The power that artistic, impressive packaging can have is unparalleled.

Keeping this in mind, packaging development must always combine art and process. Companies should always work on fine-tuning their process but shouldn’t forget about the impact of packaging as art.

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