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New Year’s Resolutions Revolutionized

We are all overly familiar with the traditional New Year’s resolutions attempted each year by many, some of which include: losing weight, eating healthier, to travel, to stop smoking and so on.Happy New Year 2015 - ver1

We have devised a list of 5 alternative resolutions that you may want to consider this year before jumping into 2015.

1. Reconnect With Old Friends

Maybe you got caught up in a new job, a new place, or even new people in your life and have lost touch with old friends. If you are truly friends your then friendship will survive all of life’s changes. Make sure to set aside time this year to catch up with older friends. Whether it be a phone call, an e-mail, a lunch date, or a vacation, your time and consideration will fuel your longtime friendship.

2. Less is More

Given all the modern-day advances, we find ourselves surrounded by technological distractions. Certainly, no one is saying these advances are evil, some are most needed, but try balancing your time with family and friends…put down the TV remote, Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet, or Game controller…refresh the lost art of conversation, go on that adventure walk with the family, maybe dust off the board game that everyone loved to play, and show that less is truly more.

3. Listen More and Understand Other Points of View

If you are someone who tends to plan what you are going to say next while someone is speaking to you then this resolution is for you. When you are focused on your own thoughts you mentally check out of the exchange and it becomes one sided. Keep the conversation going and take the insights of others into consideration, even if you do not agree. Remember, everyone has something to bring to the table.

4. Say ‘Yes’ More and ‘No’ Less

How many opportunities do you think you have missed out on this past year from simply saying, “NO”? This New Year start saying yes more when asked to participate in different activities. At the end of 2015 you can reevaluate your year and reminisce on all of the new memories you have created that you otherwise would not have.

5. Inconvenience Yourself

We as human beings quickly fall back into our regular routine, so by continuously making your life a bit more challenging for a few days throughout the year you will be reminded to be grateful for what you have. Pledge to leave your phone at home all day, bike instead of drive, make everything homemade instead of using processed foods, or buy local not corporate. The list goes on—the key is to choose a challenge personal to you that aligns with your values and goals.

We wish you happy New Year and all of the luck in keeping the resolution you choose for 2015!

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