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The REAL Difference Between Nozzles…

unnamedWe know you’re wondering, “What’s so important about nozzles?” Funny you should ask, in today’s blog we’re going to discuss some of the most important parts to your liquid filling machine nozzles. In the grand scheme of things, nozzles may seem insignificant or straightforward, but in reality they are a critical aspect to the overall performance of your liquid filling machine (see video). Simply put, your nozzle is a device that is designed to control the direction of the fluid flow as it exits the filler into your container. However, there is much more to nozzles than what meets the eye, such as their individual filling design options. Filamatic has a variety of designs to provide drip-free, foam-free, and string-free fills, these nozzles come in 304, 316 stainless steel, as well as Kynar construction.

One of the most popular nozzles is the “Straight-Through” nozzle which has a standard nozzle design that is used with a majority of liquids. Another type of nozzle, the “Ball Check” nozzle has a built-in check valve which prevents dripping when filling low surface tension liquids. Additionally, “Internal Valve-Tip” and“External Valve-Tip” nozzles are available to those who require a positive cut-off for a drip free, string-free filling solution.

Generally, larger fill volumes require larger nozzle sizes. Depending on your container openings, your required fill speeds can often increase if a larger nozzle is used. However, too large of a nozzle can cause dripping, so it’s a targeted approach for the best matching solution. The best way to determine the largest size for the container without dripping is to get your product tested by us. When bottom-up filling is required, the length of the nozzle is determined by the container height. For consistent quality and production, nozzles are connected to the product supply using a barb fitting or a tri-clover connection.

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