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How to Reduce Packaging Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

filamatic reduce packaging costs

Learn what you can do to reduce packaging costs while preserving the quality of your product.

Reducing costs is always a goal for any company or industry. However, it can be difficult to figure out how to reduce costs in the packaging industry without changing your product. However, when you think outside of the box and consider all factors and options, you can find ways to reduce your packaging costs without sacrificing any part of your quality product. When it comes to packaging, small changes can net significant savings in the long term. If you are looking for ways to reduce your expenses while still delivering the product your consumers love, follow these steps for reducing packaging costs.

Research Every Option

Research the latest packaging materials, design, and technologies to find the best option for your products. Your package should be efficiently designed but durable enough to travel long journeys. You should consider:

  • The total costs of materials
  • Durability for transport
  • Ease of handling
  • Resistance to pests and environmental factors
  • Aesthetics
  • Government regulations

Determine the Necessary and Unnecessary Costs

To reduce packaging costs, you can first make an itemized list of the package you’re currently using. Break down the costs into items that are for performance and which are for aesthetic only. Can you justify those aesthetic costs? Consider the following questions:

  • Does your product need both an inner and outer carton?
  • Is all information printed on the box necessary? Print essential info only.
  • Is full-color printing worth the cost? Can you use black and white instead?
  • Does the package need a clear viewing window? Could you use a photo instead?
  • Can you save money by taking off the label and printing information on the box directly?

Be Practical About Handling Packages with Care

Caution is always vital for packages. However, you don’t need to go overboard. It’s not necessary to use heavy-duty packaging material for something lightweight unless it’s genuinely fragile. You only need to provide enough safety measures to protect the product inside the package. This can help you save money on damaged goods, product rework, returns, and replacements.

Invest in Testing

Your packaging will be subject to numerous elements during its journey to the consumer. Each package will travel thousands of miles via various means of transportation. It will also go through multiple environmental conditions, temperatures, and handlers. You can test your packaging on the following factors before shipping to make sure it will handle the journey safely:

  • Compression: the weight of the load, both static and dynamic
  • Vibration: the constant movement or motion from modes of transportation
  • Shock: the reaction to a drop or sudden impact
  • Atmospheric: contact or cyclic changes in temperature, humidity, and pressure

Green Packaging

Consumers are increasingly interested in green packaging, but it is also good for the planet and your bottom line. You can follow green packaging initiatives by reducing waste and choosing sustainable materials. You can reduce waste by thinking about what your package is made of and how easy it is to take apart for recycling.

You can always look to improve your packaging, either for convenience or to reduce packaging costs. Because technology is constantly advancing, you should routinely make sure that you are using the best solutions available.

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