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Why It’s Essential to Find the Right Labeling Machine for Your Filling Line

filamatic labeling machine

Finding the right labeling machine can mean a more consistent product and a more efficient assembly line.

Labeling machines are a crucial part of any automatic filling line. Labeling machines are versatile and can be used as stand-alone units or in-line components. They can be used manually, semi-automatically, or ramped up to full-speed production. Choosing a suitable labeling machine is essential for avoiding extra cost as well as product inconsistency or waste. Applying consistent labeling to your products is also crucial for attracting customers. Read on to learn how you can determine the right filling machine for your needs and why finding the right machine is so important.

Shape and Size

Before finding your labeling machine, consider the size and shape of your product containers. Different machine models are better suited to different containers.

Label Material

What will your label be made of? The popular label materials are self-adhesive paper, wet glue paper, shrink-type film labels, and hot melt gluing film labels. Consider the right material for your containers, and then find the machine that can apply it most effectively.

Label Position

Where is your label going to be located on your product? On the front and back? On every side? On the top or bottom? Find the right labeling machine that will apply the label to your preferred position with ease.

Labeling Speed

Different labeling machines can meet different speed requirements and production capacities. If you have a smaller production, you may consider a semi-automatic labeling machine. If you have a heavy production line, you should consider an automatic labeling machine.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Labeling Machine

There are many reasons why finding a suitable labeling machine is critical for a successful production. The primary reasons are:

  • Speed and Productivity: an automatic filing machine can increase your productivity significantly
  • Increased Revenue and Savings: with increased productivity, you can sell more products and quickly earn back the money you spent on your new machine.
  • Quality and Consistency: label placement will be consistent, attractive, and applied so that you avoid torn labels or peeling corners.
  • Flexibility and Efficiency: Labeling machines are often scalable, customizable, and can be set up and used efficiently.

You can select the best labeling machine by considering your label’s placement, size, and material. Once you have done so, you will quickly benefit from your increased label consistency and appearance. A semi-automatic or automatic labeling machine can provide your product with consistent labels to highlight your brand and product. Customers often use a label to make quick judgments about a product’s quality, so taking steps to increase your product’s first impression is always beneficial.

Liquid Filling Machine Specialists

For over 70 years, FILAMATIC has been providing a wide range of liquid filling systems to the packaging industry. We create flexible, customized solutions for every stage of your business growth. Whether you require a single handheld filling machine, a complete turnkey fill-cap-label solution, or a fully automated, integrated filling system, we have the liquid filling experience to ensure your satisfaction is exceeded.

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