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Cooling Conveyors: How They Can Increase Your Production Line Efficiency

If your production line handles molten materials, you need to provide a way for the product to cool down before being packaged and shipped. When you pour heated product into a container, it has to cool to reach its desired shape. A cooling conveyor is specifically designed to promote cooling and enhance the product quality. These conveyors are available in numerous sizes and can significantly increase the efficiency of your production line. Follow the steps below to design your cooling station for optimal production, preservation, and packaging.

Use Cooling Conveyors with Inline Filling Systems

After inline fillers package the molten products, they can enter the cooling conveyor system. The system can be adjusted to the length and width you require for your products to reach the ideal heat level.

When using cooling conveyors, you may need to add pre-heat, re-melt, or transfer stations for the ultimate cooling process. Using all three decreases the chance of packaging errors.

How Cooling Conveyors Work

Cooling conveyors move a product along a line slowly and smoothly, which promotes better cooling. Cooling fans and fan brackets, which can be mounted underneath the belt, are also available. However, the cooling conveyors are effective even without fans. Because they move slower than other conveyors, they give the product more time to cool.

These machines are ideal for products like candles, solid deodorants, and more. Cooling conveyors can be put together to match the unique needs of your business product.

Have Pre-Heat and Re-Melt Stations Ready

While you will need to cool your product, you may also need to melt it down too. For some products, such as candles or deodorant, you want a consistently smooth finish on all products. To create these unblemished products, you may need to pre-heat or re-melt your products before or after packaging. A pre-heat machine will heat your product before inline filling, and the re-melt machines will create a flat, polished finish.

Create a Transfer Station

A transfer station will help ensure that your products are loaded and unloaded onto cooling conveyors as smoothly as possible. These systems keep your products in their proper position before and after going through the conveyor belt.

When you use automated push transfer stations, the conveyor belts align your products and move them forward. Pull stations are used at the end to remove the containers. People will often use push and pull systems to integrate a complete transfer station into their filling line.

Setting Up Cooling Conveyor Belts

These machines are often used with molten product fillers, pre-heaters, re-melt stations, and transfer shuttles. Cooling conveyors speed up the packaging process, which increases your overall productivity and efficiency.

This process solidifies products that are filled as liquids but need to harden before being shipped. It can also allow you to process more units at once and send more of your product in less time than before.

Liquid Filling Machine Specialists

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