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Consider These Critical Factors Before Selecting Your Product Packaging

filamatic product packaging

Using standard shapes and sizes for your product packaging can help you create a more flexible and efficient packaging line.

Selecting the best packaging is the first step in manufacturing a new product. The packaging can help determine how successful the product is and how your company can grow and compete in your industry. While cost may be a significant factor in packaging, there are a few other critical factors you should consider. The following five factors are essential for choosing the best product packaging and seeing the best results.

High-Quality Product Packaging Materials

No matter what your packaging looks like, it is only effective if it protects the product inside. This is why it is worth investing in high-quality product packaging materials that ensure product security.

If you are wary about spending extra for higher quality materials, remember that it is cheaper to invest in strong packaging early rather than replace damaged shipments.

Standard Shapes and Sizes

Rather than cutting costs by using low-quality material, you can avoid expenses by sticking to standard packaging shapes and sizes. These common shapes can give you flexibility and convenience while storing, handling, and transporting products. You can still design eye-catching products without having to spend more on one-of-a-kind packaging.

Unseen Cost Savings

The cost-effectiveness of product packaging is influenced by a variety of factors, including materials and sizes. However, there are other ways to save without sacrificing your product’s quality. Selecting ultra-light packaging material can help save on transportation costs, as can choosing a packaging design that is easy to handle. Every packaging design can offer unseen cost savings related to other areas of the supply chain.

Transportation and Distribution

You will also have to consider what conditions your product packaging will need to withstand. Think of your supply chain and the assembly lines, trucks, and facilities your product may pass through before it reaches a store.

Your product will need packaging strong enough to withstand moving through each of these locations. How far is your product going to travel by truck, and will it be protected inside a pallet? Make the best choices to ensure that the product arrives at its destination undamaged and attractive to customers.


If you are involved in the natural foods or body care industries, sustainability is crucial for packaging decisions. You should at least look for recyclable packaging, which will appeal to your customer base and create a greener image for your brand. Even if you are not related to green products, customers, in general, are showing an increasing preference for recyclable packaging.

Branding and Design

Finally, invest in product packaging that has an appealing visual design. Select materials and a design that connects with your target customer but which you can use consistently across your product lines.

Creating the right message through brand packaging design can help boost your sales and appeal to your ideal customer. If you have chosen durable materials, you can guarantee that your product will reach the customer undamaged and in excellent condition. Finally, by using standard packaging shapes and sizes, you can ensure that you can manufacture your products efficiently and meet your product’s growing demand.

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