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Communicating with Your Liquid Filling Machine

Filamatic Monobloc Turet Close-Up

Would it be helpful…to “see” the HMI from a remote location? If the machine automatically emailed or text-messaged service personnel? If your recipe files were automatically backed-up? If the machine automatically supplied your ERP system with real-time data?

Knowledge is power and that power helps us make sound decisions. Real-time data, automatic report generation, alerts, machine-generated text messages and emails are just a few examples of how our packaging machines can automatically deliver information. As control systems grow more complex, it becomes more challenging for onsite personnel to address issues as they arise. The ability to remotely access the HMI and control system will help customer mitigate problems quickly, with the customer being in total control of access permitted. Another benefit is that you can remotely view your HMI screen on your phone, iPad, tablet, etc. This allows you to interact with the HMI as if you were there by bringing up recipes, telling the machine to run, and more!

Author: Jack Chopper, Chief Electrical Controls Engineer


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