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In-Case Filling (ICF) Complete System

  • Fills/caps multiple pack patterns
  • Flow meter of lobe pump fill technology
  • Servo cap torqueing
  • Continuous motion filling & capping
SKU: 23


The FILAMATIC® IFC In-Case Liquid Filler & Capper is a world class, just-in-time packaging system. The system minimizes inventory, lead time, and labor cost, while effortlessly filling and capping containers from 90 oz to 300 oz at speeds of up to 15 cases a minute or up to 30 a minute with a dual lane system.

This automatic filling machine reduces operations required and is a continuous motion filler and capper. There is an automatic fill weight verification and correction for each nozzle and a fill accuracy rate of +/- 0.5%. The In-Case Filling and Capping machine provides a smooth conversion from a batch of empty cased containers to filled, capped, cased containers in as little as two hours.


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