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H Automatic Horizontal Series

  • Ideal for viscous products
  • Easy fill volume adjustment
  • Fills, round, square and other shaped bottles
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Platform used for molten/hot filling
SKU: 14 Related Machinery: Synchromat Filling Machine, V Automatic Vertical Series,


The FILAMATIC® H Series liquid machine provides quick, accurate and advanced straight-line filling. The horizontal position of the filling units allow for the ability to handle a wide variety of products from free-flowing or water-thin to viscous or thicker products.

The H Series can accommodate up to 22 filling units for a production rate of 300 cpm and can fill a wide range of container shapes and sizes.

This automatic liquid filling machine is easy to operate, provides a quick and easy changeover, and a standard programmable controller.





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