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Weight Compensation

Weight compensation is a function that allows a filling machine operator to accurately adjust the actual fill weight to equal the target weight.  This function is an integral part of the machine’s control system.  This function is Filamatic’s approach to being accurate and more productive in its filling machine operations.

A key concept of weight compensation is how easy it is to use. The easier it is for the machine’s operator, the more likely it is that weight compensation will become a standard operating procedure in your liquid filling applications. The operator just has to weigh the product and the information is stored. Every time a specific application is run, the operator just has to recall the information.

You can calculate weight compensation with a simple formula:

Weight = Volume X Specific Gravity.  The fill volume multiplied by the specific gravity will equate to the expected weight of the targeted dispense.  Filamatic’s positive displacement fillers are volumetric by definition.  Where 1 gram of water = 1 cubic centimeter of water = 1 millimeter of water shows that 25 ml of water will equal 25 grams. With the known dispense weight, the operator can then calculate the dispense volume.  The movement of the pump can then be influenced digitally to compensate for actual defense against the targeted weight.

Any filling machine project that wants to take each opportunity to drive operational and financial improvements can benefit from using this function. Weight operation allows you to fine-tune each filling station with greater ease. Any process that is losing time to inefficient product changeover times, or relying on trial and error to hit the target fill will benefit from using weight compensation.


Weight Compensation Screen

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