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Smart, Small, Sleek – A Leader in Benchtop Fillers

Filamatic will be receiving patent protection for its Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machine, the AdaptaFil™.

The AdaptaFil™ Benchtop gives users a level of functionality and versatility seen only in fully automatic filling systems. Its patent pending technology features include four easy-changeover metering systems (piston, peristaltic, gear, and lobe), electronic networking capabilities and sophisticated, user-friendly controls all in a small and sleek stainless steel package about the size of a microwave. This allows for packagers to buy one machine with the capability to run four different pumps, instead of purchasing multiple machines with different pumps, ultimately saving time and money. The multiple pump options also make this machine ideal for filling mLs to gallons and product viscosities that range from aqueous to viscous.

Additional features include Servo Motor Driven Technology, Tool-less Changeover in approximately 5 minutes, and an HMI touchscreen. The HMI touchscreen allows you to create, save, and copy 100+ recipes as well as perform data transfers. This liquid filling system is well designed for those using laminar flow hoods.

Additional capabilities include weight compensation and batch counting.

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