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Heavy Duty Semi-Automatic Benchtop Filler for Hair Care Products

Hair care products are just one of the many types of personal care products that Filamatic, a division of National Instrument LLC, can fill.  Whether it is gel, shampoo, or conditioner, the Filamatic machines can tackle just about any type of hair care product.  One of the more popular machines for these products on a semi-automatic basis is the heavy-duty DAB-32 Benchtop Filler. This filling machine is ideal for viscous products such as shampoo, conditioners, and lotions and can accommodate 2-20 filling stations.  The FSV piston pump is often the best choice since it’s equipped with a positive acting air operated spool valve.  This will prevent viscous products from shutting the valve off or knocking the valve off its seat.  A bottom-up filling option is also available which provides an even fill. This option allows the nozzles to be lowered to the bottom of the container before filling and then rise just above the liquid while the container is being filled.

The DAB-32 Benchtop filler, which has an accuracy of 0.5%, has a modular design built in for expansion features, and is easy to operate, set-up, and changeover.  It can fill a variety of container shapes and sizes such as glass and plastics bottles, syringes, pouches, Nalgene bottles, and test tubes.


The Semi-Automatic DAB-32 Heavy Duty Filler

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