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Filamatic Expands Monobloc Filling Capabilities — Continued

Filamatic’s Monobloc is equipped with movable trolley assemblies, and a chuck-style capping system. The capabilities it has ranges anywhere from filled containers of 10mL to 1000mL, larger than the normal range of 0.5mL to 500mL. This integrated liquid packaging system includes an unscrambling table running on the same line for the round containers as well for the square ones.

All Filamatic liquid filling Monoblocs are digitally controlled with menu-driven programs that electronically adjust operating parameters for quick and easy tool-less changeovers. A wide assortment of liquid products can be filled into an array of containers including microtubes, cryovials, glass vials, and plastic containers. An optional HEPA filtration system can also be incorporated to provide positive pressure airflow within the machine environment.

The Monobloc is ideal for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industry because it is engineered to perform multiple tasks within a compact footprint. For more on the Monobloc or other automatic filling equipment visit our website at or email us at

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