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4 Reasons Why Spare Parts Management Is Important

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Besides regular maintenance and lubrication, you also need to have a good spare parts program to keep your equipment operating at optimal levels – this applies to both small and large companies.

Never has it been more important than now with manufacturing companies continuing to deal with disruptions throughout the supply chain landscape. An improper, unstable spare parts program can result in insufficient parts and an incomplete inventory forcing your business to experience unforeseen expenses and unwanted downtime.

Hence, regardless of the type of machinery that you have, general equipment, packaging related, or even specific to liquid filling systems – proper spare parts management is key to your business operations running smoothly. Keep reading below to learn 4 reasons why a strong spare parts inventory is important for your manufacturing and overall organization.

Avoid unneeded expenses

While purchasing spare parts may mean an initial small investment, experiencing an equipment failure or lost business due to missing critical manufacturing components could be catastrophic. These issues can lead to loss of efficiency, equipment downtime, and costly repairs. This usually occurs whenever the spare parts inventory level is just below the appropriate level.

Therefore, by having the necessary spare parts on hand, there will only be minimal downtime as the spare parts are already on hand. At the same time, by constructing an effective spare parts management and inventory program – it will help businesses to free up capital, reduce unnecessary inventory, yet still maintain high levels of accessibility and service.

Provide better customer service

Equipment downtime, particularly when it comes to critical components providing action to the rest of your machinery will negatively impact your business greatly.

Hence, spare parts management highly matters as it will help ensure that operations are conducted in a much efficient manner. In other words, it means getting hold of the right parts at the right place and right time. With the right spare parts on hand, your business can continue without ceasing operations even after a major equipment failure, allowing you to avoid loss of crucial time and profits as you wait for the right parts to be delivered.

As such, you may have to get in contact with your trusted engineer for some generator or electric motor spare parts – depending on which equipment’s inventory is lacking in spare parts.

After you have secured your spare parts, implement an appropriate system (software, processes, etc.) to inform you of a low inventory level – you’ll see an improvement in efficiency and inventory service levels almost immediately.

Quality control and execution

You may have received duplicate, ineffective, poor quality spare parts that have no use when it comes to your specific needs. Also, it could also be a case of rushed requests or poorly drawn out needs. Bottom line, both instances may actually lead to even more costly damage to the equipment, especially if you’ve decided to manage the repair on your own.

So, to avoid this first – you’ll have to put together an effective, proper, and well-executed/well-followed spare parts or overall inventory system. Certainly, this discussion or area of inventory management system can be its own lengthier discussion, but we will leave that for another time. At this time, we’ll simply say that to make sure your new practices stick, you will need to adapt and adopt new processes and protocols to keep things in line.

Improved machinery uptime

With a proper spare parts program and inventory levels, your business will experience less downtime and more savings. It means reducing wasted time on unused assets or mounting frustration with patchwork maintenance to keep things running.

As such, your manufacturing will experience ongoing benefits like reduced costs as a result of identifying obsolete spare parts and better transparency which leads to a higher level of a spare parts program.

All in all, knowing when to get spare parts and having them with you can essentially help plenty in ensuring your business runs smoothly, as well as lower costs, avoid downtime, and maintain the relationship between your clients.

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