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SmartFIL™ Semi-Automatic Liquid Filler

The SmartFIL™ is one of Filamatic's newest product releases. It gives you an affordable, versatile semi-automatic filling machine with multiple peristaltic options. The core technology of the SmartFIL™ is still grounded in Filamatic's industry known quality and accuracy, but now with an even faster and easier changeover process. The innovative design, smaller footprint, and user-friendly touchscreen only adds to this impressive peristaltic filling unit.

Not offered before, you now have the option of switching between THREE PERISTALTIC OPTIONS. Depending on your application, this gives you the power to choose your best suited peristaltic solution. This eliminates the need for you to buy 'too much' machine, Filamatic gives you back control of what solutions best matches your needs. 

The HMI touchscreen allows you to create, copy and save over 100 recipes - which will dramatically reduce your set-up time between products, fill volumes and container sizes.

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