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(H) Inline Filling Machines

The primary difference between a filling machine used in a hazardous environment and one not used in a hazardous environment is the use of either hazardous condition rated and / purging / or intrinsically safe components of the operating system so that auto ignition of these products is avoided.  For our Inline Filling Machines, Filamatic can offer either a pneumatically operated hazardous location machine or an electrically operated machine.  Our Inline Filling Machines encompass our V-Series, H-Series, & Molten Filling products.
The choice of how a hazardous location filling machine is designed depends greatly upon the determination of the various insurance, national, and local regulatory agencies. Generally, our systems are designed for NFPA, Class 1 Div 1, Groups C & D explosion hazardous locations.  
In cases where our inline filler is electrically operated, the control panels may be designed for installation in a non-hazardous area or purged.  As always, Filamatic will analyze each packaging project individually to ensure the best solution.

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